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 Reaction ID 836
 Stochiometric Equation L-Alanine + Glyoxylate <-> Pyruvate + Glycine
 Enzymes known to
 catalyse this reaction
 (curated information)
EC Number in Organism UniProtKB Link PubMedID Arabidopsis thaliana UniProtKB 11309139 Canis familiaris UniProtKB 629740 Felis silvestris catus UniProtKB 629740 Mus musculus UniProtKB 629740 Rattus norvegicus UniProtKB 2691502 Rattus norvegicus UniProtKB 629740 Saccharomyces cerevisiae UniProtKB 16226833 Saccharomyces cerevisiae UniProtKB 3933486 Arabidopsis thaliana UniProtKB 18235971 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 18620547
 Pathways Glycine, Serine and Threonine metabolism
Alanine, aspartate and glutamate metabolism
Metabolic pathways
 External Links
 KEGG-Pathway-ID map00260
 KEGG-Reaction-ID R00369
 MetaNetX-Reaction-ID MNXR95618
 Rhea-Reaction-ID 24249 24248 24251 24250
 Reactome-Reaction-ID R-DME-389684 R-SSC-389684 R-GGA-904864 R-BTA-389684 R-HSA-904864 R-OSA-904864 R-SPO-904864 R-DRE-389684 R-MMU-389684 R-ATH-904864 R-SSC-904864 R-RNO-904864 R-CEL-389684 R-DME-904864 R-DDI-389684 R-SCE-389684 R-CFA-904864 R-TGU-904864 R-HSA-389684 R-ATH-389684 R-MMU-904864 R-BTA-904864 R-RNO-389684 R-XTR-389684 R-GGA-389684 R-CEL-904864 R-SCE-904864 R-OSA-389684 R-TGU-389684 R-XTR-904864 R-DRE-904864 R-CFA-389684

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