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 Reaction ID 108
 Stochiometric Equation NADP+ + 6-Phospho-D-gluconate <-> H+ + NADPH + CO2 + D-Ribulose 5-phosphate
D-Ribulose 5-phosphate
 Enzymes known to
 catalyse this reaction
 (curated information)
EC Number in Organism UniProtKB Link PubMedID Arthrospira platensis UniProtKB 30107441 Corynebacterium glutamicum UniProtKB 10848959 Corynebacterium glutamicum UniProtKB 21194928 Dicentrarchus labrax UniProtKB 3943305 Enterococcus faecalis UniProtKB 236442 Enterococcus faecalis UniProtKB 238996 Enterococcus faecalis UniProtKB 4396792 Escherichia coli UniProtKB 19686854 Geobacillus stearothermophilus UniProtKB - Gryllus firmus UniProtKB 24726622 Haemophilus influenzae UniProtKB 2783298 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 15558954 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 3965621 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 9920387 Klebsiella pneumoniae UniProtKB 19686854 Lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris UniProtKB 9931298 Moorella thermoacetica UniProtKB 27587230 Ovis aries UniProtKB 1504088 Ovis aries UniProtKB 15709755 Ovis aries UniProtKB 9920387 Petroselinum crispum UniProtKB 12693814 Rattus norvegicus UniProtKB 12502759 Rattus norvegicus UniProtKB 7623792 Saccharomyces cerevisiae UniProtKB - Saccharomyces cerevisiae UniProtKB - Saccharomyces cerevisiae UniProtKB 17570834 Spinacia oleracea UniProtKB 11322889 Synechocystis sp. UniProtKB 30107441 Thermotoga maritima UniProtKB 27805055 Trypanosoma brucei UniProtKB 9920387
 Pathways Biosynthesis of secondary metabolites
Carbon metabolism
Glutathione metabolism
Metabolic pathways
Microbial metabolism in diverse environments
Pentose phosphate pathway
 External Links
 KEGG-Pathway-ID map01110
 KEGG-Reaction-ID R01528
 MetaNetX-Reaction-ID MNXR100389
 Rhea-Reaction-ID 10117 10118 10119 10116
 Reactome-Reaction-ID R-DME-71299 R-DRE-71299 R-SPO-71299 R-MMU-71299 R-SSC-71299 R-GGA-71299 R-CFA-71299 R-HSA-71299 R-SCE-71299 R-DDI-71299 R-BTA-71299 R-TGU-71299 R-PFA-71299 R-XTR-71299 R-ATH-71299 R-CEL-71299 R-OSA-71299
 MetaCyc-Reaction-ID RXN-9952

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