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 Reaction ID 3481
 Stochiometric Equation Taurine + Choloyl-CoA <-> Coenzyme A + Taurocholate
Coenzyme A
 Enzymes known to
 catalyse this reaction
 (curated information)
EC Number in Organism UniProtKB Link PubMedID Bos taurus UniProtKB 7306052 Bos taurus UniProtKB 7372637 Gallus gallus UniProtKB 7306052 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 10884298 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 2037576 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 6884990 Homo sapiens UniProtKB 8034703 Mus musculus UniProtKB 9215542 Rattus norvegicus UniProtKB 12951368 Rattus norvegicus UniProtKB 624713
 Pathways Metabolic pathways
Primary bile acid biosynthesis
Taurine and hypotaurine metabolism
 External Links
 KEGG-Pathway-ID map01100
 KEGG-Reaction-ID R03720
 MetaNetX-Reaction-ID MNXR148315
 Rhea-Reaction-ID 47100 47101 47103 47102
 Reactome-Reaction-ID R-RNO-192312 R-MMU-192312 R-CEL-192312 R-HSA-192312 R-GGA-192312 R-XTR-192312 R-TGU-192312 R-CFA-192312
 MetaCyc-Reaction-ID RXN-9800

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